Stay Warm and Chic in the Winter Months

While the whole country has been experiencing warmer than usual weather so far this winter, we know the cold weather will inevitably set in. Looking chic but staying warm is always a challenge when the bitter cold, biting wind and falling snow finally sets in. Here are four tips for staying warm and looking good, so we can all be fashionable this winter.

4 Tips to Stay Warm + Cozy this Winter

1. Invest in a quality coat. Thankfully, long gone are the days in which the only coat option that gives warmth is a shapeless blob filled with feathers. There are so many adorable options combining wool, down, fur, etc… Spend the money to invest in a coat that looks good but is also well-made. Money well spent will give you a coat that lasts years and still looks good.

2. Remember the layers. An easy way to be chic and warm this season is to rock the layered look. The addition of a cardigan, scarf, jacket, can all help add warmth, but also create a chic winter wear look. This year we’re seeing a lot of shirts layered under sweaters with a blanket scarf draped dramatically.

3. Cover your head. It’s said that most of your heat escapes from your head. Cover your head when out in the elements. There are so many options available right now. You could go with a  cute slouchy stocking cap or a stylish felt floppy hat. Both will keep you warm and looking good.

4. Own the wrap trend. Right now over-sized wraps, blanket scarves and poncho-style capes are all the rage. While they are trendy this winter, they are also super warm. What’s better than looking chic while feeling like you are wrapped in a blanket warm on the couch.

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