Join Fashion Matters Chicago at The Lake Forest Shop for an afternoon of Champagne and Shopping  –  April 19 from 4-7pm.

Fashion Matters Chicago presents workshops and seminars designed to reawaken and inspire each woman’s personal style. Our events focus on communicating the beautiful, the good, and the true in order to enhance each woman’s own image and to give her the style tools to transform the world she occupies.

Our 2015 Spring seminar, Knowledge: The Key to Timeless Fashion, dealt with how to awaken timeless style by blending smart fashion with what is good, true and beautiful about being a woman. Celebrity stylist and international public speaker, Lula Kiah offered numerous practical tips for dressing according to each woman’s body shape, coloring, and personal style. The hands-on event allowed each participant the opportunity to analyze her closet and fashion choices in order to make better economical and stylistic choices when creating outfits.

Our 2016 Spring event, The Art of Dress with Linda Przybyszewski looked at the early 20th century Dress Doctors and how to apply principles of art to clothing in order to achieve beauty and efficiency, as well as their lessons on the importance of color and design, which can still guide us today.

In 2017 we hosted Fashion Forward. Elevating Beauty, Cultivating Personal Style, which included Leonor Silva as our keynote speaker as well as a panel of fashion-minded ladies. Leonor is a New York-based fashion designer. Her brand is designed for the woman who likes to look polished with a playful edge and a youthful spirit. Our panelists are local fashion taste makers who are prepared to share their thoughts on how to cultivate personal style.

This Spring, our event, Coco Chanel – Developing Your Signature Style, was a huge success. Thanks to Maggie Scott for her fun and creative presentation on the life and legacy of Coco Chanel. And thank you to the boutique owners and panelists for contributing to the beauty and elegance of the day.